Online PR

Drive traffic and build excitement about your brand, through newsworthy campaigns that get covered on the agenda-setting publications we all know

High Quality Link Building ServicesWe deliver campaigns that are meticulously researched, and that we know will get people’s attention. Every story we tell, or stunt we pull off will bring you a step closer to your measurable business objectives. Combined with our SEO expertise, news and social buzz will secure natural conversation from the most authoritative and well-known sites, and will impact on your brand awareness, traffic and ranking.

Our Approach

We create interesting, clever, funny, thought-provoking, and newsworthy online media campaigns that are aimed to optimize online reach and engage influential high-profile people. Our work with social media influencers means that each story will gain extra promotion through social channels, achieving maximum reach in your industry.

Media Relationships

Having an in-house relationship management database, LinkLab, means that we can monitor, profile and keep up with editors, journalists and high profile bloggers. We understand what a good media relationship means, so this nifty database lets us keep in touch and make the most of every opportunity that’s there.

How will we work with you?

We want to work with and for your business, whether that means proactively creating campaigns, or collaborating with your in-house team on their own strategies. From events to product launches, we work with clients’ in-house PR and marketing teams to maximize your current activities and apply them to an online audience, giving SEO recommendations and putting our contacts forward. Many members of our team are trained journalists and PRs, so we are also more than happy to help your business by offering bespoke training for your team.

What do our online PR campaigns look like?

Research and Data Driven PR

  • Doing our own independent research or directly from our clients.

 PR Stunts

  • Major brands are jumping on the bandwagon, scrambling to get a piece of the pie, with quirky films, animations and attention-grabbing graphics.

Events and Offline

  • Tying in offline marketing and PR plans into online promotion is a sensible choice for every business wanting to boost sales online.

Company News

  • Utilizing company updates and news for coverage in both online and offline channels.

Responsive PR

  • Our journalist, editor and blogger database offers media requests, future features, and other interaction that we can jump on, on your behalf.

Talk to one of our online PR specialists today on (646) 473-1826 to discuss your SEO and Online PR needs, or just to ask us a little more about what we do. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.