Content & Online PR

Content marketing, online PR, and social media are the cogs working together to make your SEO campaign a success

As a full service agency, we think every client should have a fully-tailored strategy which uses a unique mix of SEO, online PR, and content marketing activities that will deliver ROI. A search marketing agency by name, we’ve leapt forward in creative digital marketing campaigns and have a budding team of experts from journalism and PR backgrounds to launch an SEO campaign further.

Our Approach

In order to help you stand out, we find and create content that will be memorable and engaging. Our work ethic follows the principle that what we create is so good, that we would never, and will never, stray from best practice. We put the website user’s needs at the heart of any activity, so that every campaign resonates with the right target audience and leads to the results you’re hoping for.

The Strategy

We have a bespoke in-house system called LinkLab that tracks our media, blogger, and influential relationships. We also work with a leading journalist and media database. This combination offers exclusive access to media requests, upcoming media features, and journalists.

The Team

We’re a young team with energy, expertise, and confidence in the ideas we run. We come from backgrounds spanning from traditional PR, journalism and creative writing, to online media and design. We pride ourselves on our diverse, creative, and highly-skilled workforce.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you build natural, high quality and effective links to your website. Alternatively you can ring us on (646) 473-1826.