Content Marketing

Creating content that answers questions, serves a purpose, and stands out to the right people.

We believe that providing great content should be the foundation for building your brand online and driving profitable customer actions. By creating and sharing useful content that your target market actually wants, you can avoid traditional drab sales techniques, and still boost your online business objectives.

Our Approach

Aside from giving brands what they want, search engines also reward brands that contribute useful, high-quality content that educates and entertains. As well as increasing online brand awareness, we craft content assets that are unique, appealing and easy to digest. We strive for this to make your site a leading go-to within your market. In every content marketing campaign, we’re looking for these benefits:

  • Natural link acquisition
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Increased search visibility
  • New, intelligent buyers
  • Targeted consumers at every stage of the buying process

Our Process

Great strategies start with great research. Through in-depth analysis of your business, as well as your direct online competitors, and the strategic promotion of targeted content, our content marketing offers a fully-managed campaign that targets specific user profiles across multiple channels.

We look for strategy gaps between the kind of strategy you are currently executing and exactly what you should be aiming for:

  • Analyze competitor content
  • Identify level of content quality
  • Enhance existing content
  • Focus on detailed & informative content
  • Aim to enhance user experience
  • Capitalize on multimedia content
  • Content asset analysis 

Our Ideas

When coming up with new content ideas, we take a holistic approach to brainstorming. Every single idea goes through an initial testing stage, as well as a comprehensive sign-off process to ensure they achieve digital KPIs.

We like content that works harder for longer, with link-worthy assets that don’t lose relevance over time. Rich media marketing is a great way to engage online audiences and maximize your reach, from videos and games, to interactive landing pages and graphics.

Content Promotion

Great content is useless if no one can see it, which is why we put just as much time into promoting what we create. And we don’t just plaster emails out there, we get in touch, build professional but friendly relationships with bloggers and media contacts. By creating resourceful content that we know they’ll love, we offer win-win opportunities, building your future brand advocates.

LinkLab is our custom built database. It contains thousands of contacts relevant to all niches, and allows us to instantly identify influencers and websites that would be interested in your content.

Gorkana is our second golden resource, a media database that gives us instant access to journalists and high-end publications across the country.

As well as spreading the message ourselves, we also identify and use paid seeding to push your content out at exactly the right moment to ensure maximized reach, audience retention and profitable consumer actions.

For more information on how we can help you with your content marketing, contact us today on (646) 473-1826.