A typical ecommerce conversion rate is usually around 2%, but what happens to the other 98%? Remarketing allows you to target these potential customers who have visited your website or engaged with your brand but haven’t converted. We can dramatically increase your conversion rate and avoid potential customers forgetting about your brand or moving to the competition.

Increase Your Conversions

Our programmatic experts are highly skilled in creating mathematically driven remarketing campaigns which drive conversions. Recent studies have shown that retargeted customers are 3x more likely to click on your ad than people who haven’t interacted with your business before, and 1 in 5 businesses now allocate a budget for remarketing.  Our retargeting technology enables us to reach out to this audience with adverts on multiple platforms, bringing them back to your website to convert.

Use Multiple Advertising Platforms

Our cross-platform approach allows us to retarget potential customers across display, online video, native and social media advertising platforms. By picking the platform that your consumers will engage with most, we keep your brand in the forefront of the consumer’s mind to ensure they don’t lose interest. 49% of individuals visit a website 2-4 times before they actually convert, so it’s important to stay in touch and gradually guide them down the conversion funnel.

Do More with Your Data

When the consumer already knows who you are, saying the right thing at the right time can dramatically increase your chances of converting them. By segmenting users based on what pages they have visited and what products they have viewed, we’re able to serve hyper-personalised messages which are directly relevant to that individual consumer. This new dynamic approach is a powerful tool for ecommerce advertisers which transforms data into revenue.

Smartphones, Tablets and Desktops

Your customers take their mobile devices everywhere and use them to buy everything from t-shirts to technology. It’s vital that businesses are able to reach their customers on mobile devices, which are rapidly becoming the modern consumers most used screen. By optimizing your campaign’s performance on a device level, we’re able to balance your smartphone, tablet and desktop activity to best serve your ROI.

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