Programmatic Advertising & RTB

Our expert programmatic advertising team combine sophisticated targeting with relevant 1st, 2nd and 3rd-party data, so we’re able to reach the right user, at the right time, on the right device. With 10 years’ experience in data-driven online marketing on an international scale, we’ve developed specialists in all areas of programmatic advertising. We give you the opportunity to choose the method which best fits your marketing strategy, in a language of your choosing.

The majority of social media, display and online video now trades programmatically, with spend predicted to exceed $4.12 billion in 2016. With so many people now online, we’re now able to combine valuable user demographic data with our mathematical approach, in order to reach your audience in new and innovative ways.

   Display Advertising

The majority of display advertising today is traded programmatically, which has subsequently improved media buying efficiencies and performance across the industry as a whole. We have experience in all areas of display, including HTML 5 banners, landing page take-overs, brand safety, mobile devices and sophisticated targeting.

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    Social Advertising

Internet users now spend more time on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter than ever before. We use social advertising to not only grow your social following and improve brand awareness, but drive measured direct response campaigns with an immediate focus on conversions and ROI.

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   Online Video Advertising

Online video is always growing and will make up 69% of consumer internet traffic by 2017. Our experts already lead the way with a wealth of experience in serving video advertisements programmatically. That means we’re able to reach your target audience across multiple devices, whilst collecting, using and overlaying data in a way which only programmatic enables.

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A typical ecommerce conversion rate is usually around 2%, but what about the other 98%?  Remarketing allows you to target visitors who have already been to your website or showed some type of interest in your brand on display, social media and video platforms. This can dramatically increase your conversion rate, as communication with each individual consumer you attract is kept open until they convert.

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Thanks to our dedicated data analysts, we have the ability to monitor your audience’s behavior and continually optimize your bespoke campaign as it moves forward. The more data we collect, the stronger your campaign becomes. We also have strong relationships with third-party data providers, who we work with for more detailed insights into your target market, and access to various segmented audiences.

If you want to know how programmatic advertising could help you achieve your business objectives, contact us today or call us on (646) 473-1826.

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