Mobile PPC Advertising

The number of people searching for products and information via mobile devices is growing rapidly. People want information and pricing on the go and consumers are increasingly shopping on line via mobile devices and tablets. As a 21st-century business, you can’t afford to miss out on engaging with these valuable tech-savvy customers.

According to Google, mobile search queries have increased five-fold in the last two years, and global Internet usage is set to double by 2015, mostly thanks to the increase in mobile search. It is clear there is a wealth of opportunity for marketers that effectively adopt mobile PPC:

  • Between 83-93% of people (depending on location) use their mobile devices to access the Internet every day.
  • 35% of smartphone users make purchases on their mobile.

Search Laboratory’s PPC expert account managers can help you reach this audience by devising a dedicated mobile advertising strategy.The behavior of mobile users is different from that of desktop users, especially if they are conducting local searches. Mobile PPC therefore needs a specialist approach. Generally, it has higher click-through rates and lower costs-per-click, so it can be a really cost-effective method of advertising on line.Mobile advertising is one of the fastest-growing sectors for investment and is a key area of focus for any forward-thinking business.

Be Mobile Ready

A bad mobile search result or on-site experience will put your customers off. You should ensure that your mobile PPC campaigns are tailored to the shorter queries conducted on a small screen and that they lead to a mobile-optimized site.

Your landing pages should be highly conversion-focused and allow for purchases (or questions) to be completed securely and in the fewest number of steps possible. Neglect your mobile audience and you could be losing profitable business to your mobile-optimized competitors.

Our team of PPC experts can ensure your paid search campaigns are optimized so that you maximize the return you get from your investment in PPC advertising and increase the revenue generated from your website.  


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