AlertLab: PPC campaign monitoring software

AlertLab™ is Search Laboratory's proprietary PPC campaign monitoring and testing software.

AlertLab provides a more time-efficient and lower risk approach to PPC account management. It is also a fast and efficient tool for A/B testing different PPC ad texts and formats.


Peace of mind for PPC campaign management

The day-in-day-out complexities of managing PPC campaigns can result in sleepless nights for busy campaign managers and execs. The traditional way of doing it is to use a mix of ad-hoc manual checks, AdWords and Bing scripts,and manual URL checks.


These are reactive, time-consuming ways to manage a campaign, and there is a risk that manual checks get missed, particularly at busy times or when key people are on leave.

Even with the best campaign managers in the business (which of course we have!), we took the view that there should be a better way, one that uses a more a reliable approach.

So we developed AlertLab to further increase the ROI for our clients by both reducing the amount of time required for routine account management tasks, and by lowering the risk inherent in any marketing campaign marketing to a market-leading minimum.

Alerts can be configured using three different criteria: metrics, budget, or URL:alertlab-new-test-alert-png

Metric Alerts

With AlertLab we can check a wide range of metrics, in a number of ways:



We can then set minimum/maximum thresholds for each test:


Typical metric checks include:

  • Have impressions dropped off (i.e. are ads not appearing?)
  • Has bounce rate increased? (i.e. is there a problem with the landing page?)
  • Is the revenue similar to last year? (i.e. is something affecting site/ads performance?)

Budget Checks

Budget checks can be run against a specific budget period and for a specific number of days:


  • Highly flexible way to define the budget period
  • Uses data to project performance, thus anticipating problems.

URL checks 

AlertLab can run regular URL checks:

  • It downloads all URLs for all ads, every day.
  • It handles tracking templates/parameters.
  • It handles ad extensions such as sitelinks.

Flexible test parameters are able to identify more complex issues e.g. landing page redirects:


AlertLab can also check for specific content on the page, for example, whether a product is out of stock:


Quick and easy A/B testing

AlertLab can also be used to test multiple ad texts/formats, and automatically reports on the results:alertlab-ad-testing-1


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