PPC Best Practice in 2014 and Beyond [MEDIA]

The Past, Present & Future of PPC

Peter Whitmarsh, Head of PPC

A lot has changed in PPC over the past few years, find out how paid search has evolved, what technology is currently available and hear our predictions on what the future of biddable media holds.

Maximizing Visibility & Minimizing Waste: PPC Optimization Beyond Human Capabilities

Stewart Robertson, Technical PPC Manager

Large PPC campaigns for thousands of products which includes tens of thousands of keywords can often mean a business choosing between employing more staff to run them or forfeiting granularity, but we think we might just have the solution.

Testing & Optimization: How to Improve Conversion Rates and Increase ROI

Michael Hope, Analytics and Conversion Manager

Conversion optimization is not just a one-off thought when creating a website, it needs constant updating and testing, find out why increasing conversion rates by a small amount can create huge uplift in revenue and profit.

Developments in Display Advertising and Real-Time Bidding

Paul Gill, Head of RTB

It has been painful for marketers in the past to get the return they want from traditional online display advertising. Real-Time Bidding with its audience targeting options could be the solution you have been waiting for.

Ian Harris, CEO

Key takeaways from the conference are summed up in our final video.

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