ResponseTap is a call tracking solution which can be linked to your PPC and SEO campaigns to give a clearer indication of how well your search marketing is working. Many considered purchases and B2B leads are generated through search but then convert over the phone.

ResponseTap can track callers to their search terms and load the data straight into your Analytics account to determine the true effectiveness of keywords and adverts.

ResponseTap provides a range of comprehensive call tracking and call analytics for businesses, agencies and the affiliate market alike. This technology has been developed in order for businesses to justify their ad spends, increase conversion rates and clearly show which advertising campaigns are not working and should be cut.

ResponseTap software has the capability to track what medium a potential buyer has found your site through before they call, be it organic or paid search. ResponseTap also has the functionality to give you a call whisper which will give you the keyword a user searched for when finding you online. Your sales team will then be able to tailor the call to the individual's specific needs from the beginning of the conversation.



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