Rakuten Attribution

Founded in 2004, Rakuten Attribution (formerly DC Storm) delivers cutting edge marketing performance measurement solutions for leading online retailers.‘Measured Success’ encapsulates the solutions that they offer their customers. It enables businesses that participate and compete in a multi-channel world to measure their business performance and to progressively move to data driven marketing and trading.

With attribution being the latest digital buzzword Rakuten Attribution can offer solutions to tie up cross-device users and therefore attribute a value to each touch-point in the buying cycle from special offer emails to paid and organic search, and with mobile and tablet online users increasing year on year this has never been so important.

This will enable you to confidently allocate marketing budget in a much more scientific manner using proportionate values as worked out by Rakuten Attribution.

This technology will also give you the ability to justify your budgets to the board and prove the profitability of each marketing channel.

Rakuten Attribution

To learn more about why cross-device tracking is so important in relation to your own search marketing, take a look at the video of Lewis Lensson, Rakuten Attribution's Commercial Director speaking at a recent client event which we co-hosted.

If you would like us to make introductions to Rakuten Attribution you can also contact us on +44 113 212 1211.