Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics is a B2B lead generation service which tracks detailed information about your site’s visitors. Through their online portal you can track which pages someone viewed, how many visits they have made to your site and which keywords were used to find your site, even if they did not fill in a form. Alerts can then be set up to go straight to your inbox for you and your colleagues to follow up.

Integrating Lead Forensics with your search campaigns can be extremely beneficial to your business pipeline. As a business you can spend vast amounts of budget on search activity, but if the people visiting your website don’t enquire it can feel like you are marketing into a black hole.

Lead Forensics uses IP tracking to determine who has been on your website, provides full contact details for those businesses and even tells you which keyword they used to reach your website.

This allows you to increase your conversion rates from search marketing and other channels, especially when you consider research shows as little as 2-5% of businesses visiting your website will actually make contact and be counted as a conversion.


Lead Forensics

If you are not already benefiting from Lead Forensics integration and are interested in how it can improve the profitability of your campaigns contact us for more information.

To find out more about how Lead Forensics can help your B2B business read their whitepaper on 'Connecting with the B2B Buyer' which will give insights into the buying journey of your customers.

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