Feefo, the global feedback engine and Google Licensed Content Partner, collates ratings and reviews from verified customers.Over 1500 brands use Feefo, from household names to start-up enterprises. With the introduction of Feefo Places, physical stores and venues are also able to experience the same benefits from genuine customer feedback.Feefo invites customers to appraise both the level of service that they received and the individual products or services purchased.

Ratings and reviews allow businesses to gain insight into the successes and pain points of their sales cycle, while consumers can trust that they are reading genuine reviews prior to making a purchase. Gartner states that customers are 63% more likely to purchase from a website that displays reviews.

Search engine visibility is increasingly important for all businesses, with 46% of all daily searches now focused on researching products or services. Feefo provides tangible benefits both in terms of organic page ranking, and also in paid search results.

The user generated content provided by integrating Feefo into a merchant’s website compliments organic SEO efforts, while Google also uses Feefo ratings to generate Seller Ratings, or ‘stars’ in AdWords campaigns. Google internal data has indicated that this actually improves AdWords click through rate by an average of 17%. 

The increased trust that Feefo reviews help to build with website visitors has been shown to increase sales, reduce bounce rate and because reviews also appear on Feefo, provides an excellent source of referral traffic.


Engaging with customer feedback drives customer loyalty, by promoting your commitment to customer service, and also by developing an ongoing interaction with your brand.

To find out more about Feefo, please contact us and we can put you in touch with one of our partners at Feefo.