Experian Hitwise

With Experian Hitwise you can not only access data on the success of your own search marketing campaigns but you can also gain insight into your competitors' campaigns too.

Hitwise uses opted in data from a huge sample in order to report on millions of internet users and the way they search.

This will give you the ability to accurately understand how your customers are searching online for your products and which keywords are generating the most interest. In turn, this will enable you to put together a comprehensive strategy for both your organic and paid search campaigns. 

Understanding your customers' route to purchase is also important and Hitwise will give you the ability to split out where traffic is coming from your website and where they head afterwards, which may outline other opportunities for you such as affilitates.

As a Search Laboratory client, you will have access to Experian Hitwise data and reports that will give you insight into how you and your competitors' search marketing campaigns are performing.