Why Ecommerce Site Speed Matters

"The Fastest Shopping Carts on the Internet"

Peer1 Whitepaper - The Fastest Shopping Carts on the Internet

Is you site’s performance declining under the weight of all your traffic, transactions and functionalities? If so your customer's experience will be suffering  potentially resulting in site and shopping cart abandonment.

Page load time could be having a significant impact on your business and its profits. And slow page load speeds impact negatively not only on visitor experience and usability, but can also negatively  impact on your search engine marketing campaign results.

Cart abandonment is a major issue for retailers -  after all "if an ecommerce site generates $100,000 a day in revenue, just a one second page delay could potentially cost $2.5 million in lost sales every year" according to this latest whitepaper from our partners Peer1.


If you feel your site may be missing out on valuable sales due to your page loading speed, download a free copy this informative whitepaper on the topic titled 'The Fastest Shopping Carts on the Internet' by completing the short form below. 

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