Programmatic Display Advertising

Our intelligent approach to display advertising allows you to reach the right person, with the right ad, at the right time and on the right device (whether that be tablet, mobile or desktop). Once we’ve taken an in-depth view of your business objectives, audience and existing marketing activity, we use our sophisticated targeting to ensure we’re spreading your message in the most efficient way possible.

Data-Driven Performance

Once we’ve built a campaign it doesn’t stop there. Our performance improves over time as we collect more data, run more tests and learn more about your target audience. Our programmatic specialists are trained to improve the performance of your campaign through regular optimizations based on placement, device, bidding, frequency and audience data.

Real-Time Bidding

Our highly mathematical approach helps us make sensible bidding decisions which lead to ROI. Using the latest in real-time bidding (RTB) technology, we’re able to target users who belong to specific behavioural groups and demographics with complex bidding strategies. This reduces your CPA, as the campaign is built efficiently from the ground up.

Finding Your Target Consumer

We have access to a large pool of 3rd party audience data from the leading providers such as Mosaic, Bluekai and Exelate. This allows us to accurately target the niche which is most likely to interact with your brand. Whether that be ‘wealthy couples with an interest in hiking’ or ‘lawyers with an affinity for extreme sport’, we can target almost anyone. With an expertise in advanced contextual targeting, we also have the ability to scan the entire web and group content based on various keywords included within it, and the site it belongs too. We then serve ads on the content where they will be most effective, such as your competitors review articles or product related content.

Innovative Advert Formats

Our in-house design team can produce a full range of creative ads with different features and functionalities to best fit your campaign goals. We specialize in rich media formats such as HTML 5 and Dynamic, creating adverts that allow you to stand out and catch the eye of your target audience.

If you want to know how display advertising could help you achieve your business objectives, contact us by email or call us on (646) 473-1826.