Conversion Optimization

In most cases, your ROI from PPC advertising can be dramatically increased with conversion-optimized web pages for your campaigns. We can provide landing page design and development, as well as highly effective and methodical A/B and multivariate testing for landing pages. We can also offer conversion optimization reports for e-commerce sites, websites and landing pages.


Landing Page Design & Development

Search Laboratory’s team are experts in optimizing your landing pages to maximize the return you get from your paid search advertising. After all, if you’re paying for visitors to your site, it’s crucial you convert as many of them as possible into sales or valuable leads.

A good landing page can dramatically increase the performance of your PPC campaigns and will give you a better cost per conversion.

The team uses a highly structured process to build an effective landing page strategy and design to boost your conversion rate, leads, and sales.

Our conversion optimization specialists will apply their vast knowledge of best practice guidelines (and common pitfalls) to put together an effective landing page strategy that will significantly increase your conversion rate.

A/B & Multivariate testing

The team can also rigorously test various elements of your landing pages on an on-going basis to improve conversion rates. Our tests range from straightforward A/B tests (where we test one page against another), to more complex and involved multivariate testing (testing various changing elements within one page).

Our testing service can be offered on a one-time basis, or can be an ongoing process of optimization to ensure a continued improvement in the number of leads generated from your PPC campaign.

Conversion Optimization Reporting

If your website isn’t generating the level of response you’d like, Search Laboratory offers in-depth usability and conversion optimization reporting. These reports assess all aspects of your site including usability, architecture, navigation, design, persuasive power, goals, and funnels to help identify areas in need of improvement. We can create conversion reports for e-commerce sites, websites, and landing pages.

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