Multi-channel success for DPG An integrated digital marketing case study for the education sector


increase in overall leads YoY


improvement in organic leads YoY


improvement in paid search leads YoY

The Brief

DPG is a provider of HR courses across the UK. The overall aim of the strategy was to increase leads and lead quality for CIPD courses and new products across the site.

Historically, DPG’s focus was on selling CIPD courses via PPC. However, the CIPD started to sell their own courses online, meaning that DPG was naturally being dominated by CIPD in the SERPs.

In addition, smaller competitors were being more aggressive than ever, dramatically driving up the CPAs from paid search.

Leads and conversions were down, so we needed to support marketing in driving more leads by supporting new products, achieving better lead quality and assisting them through a site migration.


DPG receive a monthly multichannel lead report via our propriety software, ReportLab, tracking the following:

  • Paid vs. organic vs. direct performance, segmented into engagements – calls, forms, live chat
  • Performance vs. paid projections and organic forecasts 
  • Monitored on-site performance and engagement metrics pre-and post-migration.

Paid search

  • Improved optimization of bids, especially for expensive campaigns like Level 7 and Level 5 Online. Made campaign bidding more efficient
  • Worked with DPG to create conversion optimized landing pages
  • Used ad customizers to deliver more personalized user messaging
  • Created local campaigns targeting struggling locations. This led to programs filling up quickly
  • Optimized quality scores to improve ad rank
  • Worked with the client to improve ad creatives with appropriate incentives.


  • Supported migration to ensure no authority and rankings were harmed
  • Supported the design and structure of the new site with their development agency with the aim of prioritizing key pages we saw had ranking potential
  • Re-optimization and content creation for new product pages. This was focused on lower search volume, less competitive terms that would not be profitable to target via PPC. These pages are now key for generating leads for the site
  • Authority building COPR campaign with a specific focus on HR publications. SEOLab enabled us to identify which pages needed links to be pointed at them post-migration. 
  • From this, the COPR campaigns were tailored to gain links towards these pages from high authority and relevant publications in the business and HR niches. The first campaign on Tattoo Discrimination gained 33 links
  • The most recent campaign on mental health in the workplace (which went live on the October 4th) has generated 25 links and 24 pieces of coverage to the DPG site so far, including links from Business Insider, Teen Vogue and LinkedIn.



Overall leads up 24% YoY 

Paid search

  • Leads up by 11% YoY 
  • Cost per lead down by 20%
  • Conversion rate up by 8%
  • Spend down by 11%.


  • 459% YoY improvement in organic leads
  • 25% increase in YoY organic traffic
  • 30% increase in organic new users
  • 183% increase in organic form fills
  • 590% increase in organic phone calls.

Increased organic rankings for key terms targeted in our optimized content.

  • CIPD courses Glasgow #1 +5
  • CIPD level diploma #5 +4
  • CIPD courses Leeds #5 +4
  • Level 7 CIPD #6 +2

This all highlights that the migration was a success and that the traffic being driven to the site was highly relevant and converting better than ever.