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The Brief offers a range of GAP policies designed to protect customers whether they have paid for their car with vehicle finance, a bank loan or a cash payment and can provide cover for vehicles up to £150k in price for motorists of all ages. is a relatively new site, having launched in July 2016, so the immediate focus was to establish and improve its ranking performance and drive traffic to the site.

SEO strategy

To increase organic traffic by:

  • Improving visibility
  • Building domain authority

Content and Online PR approach

To build authority by:

  • Acquiring authoritative backlinks
  • Gaining coverage on influential sites

The Strategy

We were keen to develop a content idea that was broad-ranging in terms of appeal, and still relevant to the gap insurance sector and would help us to achieve our aim of gaining high-authority press and media links.

We decided that the upcoming launch of the latest Fast & Furious film presented a good opportunity to do just that, given the box office success of the previous installments, the franchise’s popularity and fan-following and the potential to create a data-driven content piece.

To gain authoritative links, we planned to target the following niches, using our media database LinkLab:

  • National media
  • Film
  • Money
  • Cars and motoring – Track and racing publications
  • Fast & Furious dedicated sites/fan clubs
  • Men’s interest
  • Geek sites
  • Gaming

For the content itself, our team watched all seven films to gather data on the following:

  • Damage caused by main characters / villains / other
  • % of damage caused by characters / villains / other
  • Total damage costs to cars/buildings
  • Which film is the most destructive i.e. cost of damage caused

We worked with classic car consultant Nacho Llacer to value the vehicles and calculate the cost of the damage caused. We then created graphics for the UK and the US displaying all the research.

We then launched the campaign ahead of the film’s release date in April.

The Results

Links and coverage

Acquired high authority/quality links and coverage from 40+ countries:

  • 256 links to date from publications such as:
    • Yahoo! Finance and Movies
    • MSN
    • Business Insider
    • CNBC
    • The Mirror
    • The Sun
  • Average Domain Authority = 40
  • 265 pieces of coverage
  • 2 million estimated views
  • 45bn online readership
  • 70k social shares

Hollywood Reporter created a video going through all our statistics:

New users

  • Blog post generated 76.95% of site traffic since March 2017
  • Referral traffic from natural and acquired links drove 6,210 sessions and 5,799 new users to the site