Tag Management

We offer analytics services to ensure you’re tracking the right things accurately. From audits to physical implementation or strategic consultancy, we can help you with all things analytics.

Tag management consultancy and services

Search Laboratory can help you get control of your analytics and tracking implementations with our tag management support services and consultancy.

Website tracking requirements have come a long way since the old fashioned ‘hitcounter’. With increasingly sophisticated tracking technologies, there is a need for easier and quicker ways to implement and manage these tags.

Why choose Search Laboratory as your tracking partner?

At Search Laboratory we have a large team of analytics experts with decades of experience of working with some of the world's best-known brands.

We were one of the first UK Google Analytics Premium partners and our growing team has over 30 GAIQ experts with access to the latest training, best practices and insights, and new feature rollouts.

Our experience helps our clients make the best use of analytics to drive value from their digital marketing programs.

Google sales partner – we are one of a handful of official Google sales partners, which means our advanced expertise extends to the enterprise-level Google Tag Manager 360, for companies wanting to leverage the scalability and advanced integration features of the Google Analytics 360 Suite. 

Dedicated team - we have a dedicated team of analytics consultants, developers and data scientists who are specialists in their relevant disciplines. We can tackle any problem and provide best-in-class solutions. 

We understand best practice - tag management solutions like Google Tag Manager (GTM) make it easy to add hundreds of tags. GTMAt Search Laboratory we know how to implement tags in ways that allow for efficient ongoing tag management. 

Testing and debugging – as in all our work, our tried and tested methodology will minimize the risk of errors and speed up the process of debugging. Some solutions, like GTM, have built-in debugging tools, but often you need to look further to be 100% confident your tag is executing as expected. 

Nothing is too complex - our teams have decades of collective experience, from adding a basic AdWords tag to writing complex javascript tags to integrate with external systems. Whatever you are trying to achieve, we will be able to draw on a deep pool of experience in multiple sectors and countries to help deliver a market-beating solution.

How we can help you

Our specialist tag management services include: 

  • Auditing your current tag requirements, including data layer requirements
  • Creation of container tags
  • Configuration of the container tags and standard tags within the container 
  • Testing to ensure all tags are firing correctly
  • Support to ensure you always have a number to call to ask any questions or get advice
  • Customized training to develop the capacity of your internal team.

Why use a tag management solution 

  • Ease of deployment of new tags - the tagging code only needs to be added to the website by your development team once.  Development resource to add code to every page tends to be in short supply and development schedules mean that code cannot be changed fast enough to meet sales/market needs.
  • Reduced lead time - marketers can get tags deployed live much faster, as the power is in their hands with no need to involve a developer. 
  • Reduced risk - since website code is not being amended, there is no risk of breaking a page or interfering with content. 
  • Faster page load time - loading only one container reduces the time for a page to load fully. As page speed is a ranking factor in Google’s algorithm for organic SEO and AdWords' quality score, this is very important. 
  • Version control and revision history - when a new tag is deployed to the website, a new container version is created, which makes rolling back to a previous version easy. 
  • Powerful preview mode for diagnosing errors - before pushing a new tag live, it can be tested in preview mode first. For example, with GTM, a cookie is dropped into your browser so that you see a GTM overlay when you visit the website. All tags fired (and not fired) are shown, and if a tag isn’t working the problem is easy to diagnose and fix.
  • Multiple users with varying levels of account permissions - granting permission-based access is extremely straightforward with GTM. Access can be granted to users at three levels: ‘view only’, ‘view and edit’, and ‘view, edit, delete and upload’.
  • Built in tags - third party tags such as Crazy Egg and LinkedIn are pre-installed and can be easily deployed with minimal customization.
  • Event listeners - in GTM, custom events can be created for Google Analytics, allowing goals to be set for conversion tracking. A variety of ‘click listeners’ are available for easy setup.