Google Tag Manager

GTMGoogle Tag Manager (GTM) is an example of a tag management system and is a method of placing a container tag on a website only once so that any tracking tags can be placed within it at any time in the future without having to get the web development team involved every time. Search Laboratory is a Google Tag Manager certified partner, so our expert team can give you best practice advice. 

The benefits of managing tags through GTM are: 

  • Ease of deployment of new tags - The tagging code only needs to be added to the website by your development team once.  Development resource to add code to every page tends to be in short supply and development schedules mean code can only be changed infrequently. 
  • Reduced lead time  - With GTM, marketers can get tags deployed live much faster, as the power is in their hands with no need to involve a developer. 
  • Reduced risk - Since website code is not being amended, there is no risk of breaking a page or interfering with content. 
  • Faster page load time  - With only one container to load, this reduces the time waiting for a page to load fully. As page speed is a ranking factor in Google’s algorithm for organic SEO and AdWords' quality score, this is very important. 
  • Version control and revision history - When a new tag is deployed to the website, a new container version is created, which makes rolling back to a previous version easy. 
  • Powerful preview mode for diagnosing errors - Before pushing a new tag live, it can be tested in preview mode first. A cookie is dropped into your browser so that you see a GTM overlay when you visit the website. All tags fired (and not fired) are shown, and if a tag isn’t working it can be diagnosed and fixed. 
  • Multiple users with varying levels of account permissions - Access can be granted to users at three levels: ‘view only’, ‘view and edit’, and ‘view, edit, delete and upload’. This means granting access to agencies is extremely straightforward. 
  • Built in tags - Third party tags such as Crazy Egg and LinkedIn are pre-installed and can be easily deployed with minimal customization. 
  • Event listeners - Custom events can be created for Google Analytics, allowing goals to be set for conversion tracking. A variety of ‘click listeners’ are available for easy set up. 

Search Laboratory's experts in tag management can help you in the following ways: 

  • Auditing your current tag requirements, including data layer requirements 
  • Creation of the container tags 
  • Configuration of the container tags and standard tags within the container 
  • Testing to ensure all tags are firing correctly 
  • Support to ensure you always have a number to call to ask any questions or get advice.

Please contact us if you would like to find out more information or if you would like help deploying Google Tag Manager.