Google Analytics

Google Analytics Certified Partner ServicesSearch Laboratory is a Google Analytics certified partner (GACP). Measuring the performance of your digital asset and the behavior of the audience it attracts is essential when optimizing digital marketing campaigns. Thorough analysis will help you implement changes that will increase conversions and help generate more revenue from your organic and paid search budgets.

Our team of experts specialize in implementing and interpreting Google Analytics data. They will ensure you have set up Google Analytics in an optimal manner, allowing you to make informed decisions about your website, its design and the returns you are getting from the traffic it receives.

Implementation – Custom Fit to Your Business

An effective Google Analytics implementation should be built around your website and business.  We assess your specific needs and create an implementation plan that suits you based on your business and its products or services. We will help you measure meaningful data beyond the basic visit and revenue metrics that an ‘out of the box’ implementation would give you.

Our implementation services can include:

  • Requirement Gathering and Analysis
  • Implementation Design and Specification
  • Technical Implementation and Support: 
    • Developer Support - implementing analytics code or a datalayer can be complex and your developers will require the skilled support of one of our analytics implementation engineers. We will provide guidance and assistance as well as testing and debugging support.
    • Google Tag Manager Setup - If you are opting to implement a tag management solution like GTM, we will implement all your tags to provide the powerful features that are going to help drive your business forward. Read more about GTM here.
  • Implementation Testing, Quality Assurance and Debugging

We are equipped with the skills, experience and tools required to fully test an implementation.  

Integrations with Offline Systems

Some of the most powerful features of Google Analytics now mean that your implementation doesn't need to stop with your website.  It is becoming more and more common to integrate offline systems, such as your CRM, to push data back into GA.  This is critical to a business where the sales process continues offline way after they have visited your website.

Our integration services include:

  • Implementing solutions to allow you to join online and offline data - read our case study here for more information.
  • Measurement Protocol Implementation - This is GA’s published mechanism for pushing data to GA from other systems. 
  • Core Reporting API - Extract any data you like for reporting and storage within other systems and reports.
  • Management API -  Programmatically access and alter your account settings.
  • Multi-Channel Funnel Reporting API - access the traffic source paths that lead to goals
  • Metadata, Real Time and Embed APIs

Implementation Audits, Testing and Quality Assurance

Too many Google Analytics accounts are filled with errors or misrepresent data due to the fact they have not been implemented correctly. 

Any credible analytics engineer would have the skills, experience and tools to be able to analyze the tracking hits as they leave your browser.  It also takes a deep understanding of the mechanics of the GA tracking library that is loaded into the browser and deals with the functions GA provides.

We can provide audit and quality assurance services as a standalone service where you lack confidence in your data, or as part of our implementation service. 

Our trouble-shooting is tailored to your needs. We can provide all the help and advice you need to debug your website analytics – we will ensure all your data is trustworthy and accurate moving forward.

Consulting and Technical Support Services

Sometimes you just need advice or ad hoc support around some of the areas you are not familiar with.  We can offer consultancy services to cover any aspect of Google Analytics. 

Analytics Training

Search Laboratory’s Google Analytics experts can provide in-house or remote (online) training to your team. We will help them make the most of your website and its analytics data. Whether you want basic or advanced training – all our training packages are suited to your needs.

Want to learn more about Google Analytics?

Search Laboratory has over ten years experience of setting up advanced analytics for some of the world's leading brands, and has a dedicated in-house team able to set up your analytics for single language or multilingual websites.

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