Analytics Audit, Implementation and Consultancy

Setting up your Google Analytics effectively is the key to measuring the performance of your website, and allows you to make data-driven marketing decisions and opens up opportunities to increase your ROI.

We are one of the oldest Google Premier Partners, and one of a select few agencies to be appointed as official sales partners for the Google Analytics 360 Suite for larger enterprises.

Our many years of experience of working with leading brands means that we can quickly identify and overcome the challenges that come with implementing Google Analytics to give your business the right data at the right time.

Helping Google Analytics Work Harder For Your Business

Our large team of Google Analytics IQ experts work with you to assess your specific needs and create an implementation plan tailored to your business and it's products and services.

Audits and Consultancy

A detailed implementation audit will compare your current Google Analytics set up with best practices, and identify any issues or bugs to ensure all your data is trustworthy and accurate moving forward.

Implementation services

Our aim is to ensure the implementation aligns with your business goals. Our implementation services include:

  • Implementation requirements analysis: mapping the data to your business goals
  • Site goal and performance metric definition
  • Implementation via Google Tag Manager (GTM)
  • Quality assurance and verification
  • DataLayer implementation advice
  • Automated and custom reporting
  • Advanced profiles & filtering
  • Goal funnel setup
  • Enhanced Ecommerce and order tracking
  • Sub-domain and multi -domain tracking
  • UserID implementation
  • Customization – using custom metrics & dimensions
  • Integration with third party platforms – such as a CRM
  • International domain tracking and roll-up
  • Trouble-shooting and technical support.

Analysis and Recommendations

We work with large and small internal teams to help them interpret the numbers and utilize the powerful reporting services in Google Analytics.

This service will provide you with regular insights into how people are using your site, and give you prioritized recommendations for improvements, aimed at making sure you achieve your business goals.

We can build and maintain personalized custom reports and dashboards, so that your internal teams can quickly and easily access all the information they need to optimize campaigns and report to senior management.

Analytics Training

Our team of certified Google Analytics IQ specialists can provide training for your team members, helping them to develop the capacity to improve your Google Analytics on an ongoing basis.

All of our training can be tailored specifically for individual stakeholders and circumstances, and can be delivered in-house or remotely (online).