Google Analytics 360

Google Analytics 360 is a more advanced and powerful version of Google's free analytics tool. It has been developed for enterprises generating significant revenues from online marketing.

It is typically used by enterprises that have high trafficked sites, high requirements for data availability, and can benefit significantly from improved attribution, audience insight, targeting and multi-channel integration through the Google enterprise stack, including DoubleClick and BigQuery.

As one of a handful of official Google Analytics 360 Suite resellers, we work with enterprise-level clients that want an experienced data partner to help them leverage the power and flexibility of Google Analytics 360, and the security of concrete Service Level Agreements to support their mission-critical marketing programs.


For users of the free version of Google Analytics, the step up to 360 is an easy one because the user interface will be familiar and no additional tracking code is required.

Google Analytics 360 includes many features that are not present in the free edition of Google Analytics, including:

  • Property roll-up reporting – useful if you have multiple websites
  • Data freshness – 98% of data available is available after 4 hours, ideal for time sensitive reporting
  • Unsampled reporting – configure your important reports with large data sets to be 100% unsampled
  • Data-driven attribution
  • Integrations with the Google enterprise stack – DoubleClick, BigQuery and all other 360 products

For a comprehensive list of differences, download our free resource: Google Analytics vs. Google Analytics 360

By purchasing Google Analytics 360 through us, you will get an expert-level implementation and a world-leading service level agreement.

What we offer


We undertake a full scoping of your business, its marketing goals and broader objectives. We work alongside internal teams to design solutions to identify all the information you need about how, why and when your customers buy from or engage with you, and to capture it in the Google Analytics 360 platform. We work with you to build plans that will cover every step required to leverage the full power of Google Analytics 360.


In addition to providing you with the software license, we work alongside your teams to ensure your Google Analytics 360 is set up correctly to capture the right data and the right time and provide you with actionable insights.

We can implement the software, or more usually, we work with your development team to ensure the implementation is smooth and pain-free. This normally involves first installing and testing Tag Manager because this will provide a much more extensive platform for the future.

Features we offer in addition to standard implementation:

  • UserID configuration – we will help you configure analytics to capture and measure your repeat customers/logged in users across multiple devices.
  • Enhanced Ecommerce
  • Integration with third party systems, including the Google enterprise stack and DoubleClick.
  • Data-driven attribution modelling
  • Customization – measure the specific metrics and dimensions closely associated with your specific business situation.
  • BigQuery data integration from Google and non-Google sources.


As part of our support package, we can provide full training for different teams in your business so that they can become Google Analytics 360 experts and extract information as and when you need it. Training can be tailored to individuals or groups of users and can be based at your premises or at our training facility in Leeds.

Why us?

We are data veterans

Since 2005, we have been employing graduate and postgraduate mathematicians, engineers and statisticians, and training them up to be digital marketing experts who can generate the insights that are of most value to our clients.

We have been a Google Analytics Certified Partner for over seven years and analytics runs through all our services. We have over 30 GAIQ qualified consultants.

In addition to using industry-leading analytics technology, our in-house team has developed our own suite of digital marketing software tools, which we use to push the limits of what we can do for our clients, and to help them beat their competitors.

Digital strategy and insight

We are not just analytics providers. We provide other digital marketing services so we can use our vast experience to help you ask the right questions of your data, and surface the right information to enable optimal application of the other channels such as paid search, SEO, display and social media.

How it works

Leveraging the power of Google Analytics 360 starts with getting your data right.  This includes:

  • Collecting the right data (events, goals etc)
  • Ensuring it is clean/reliable
  • Segmented properly to show you what you need
  • Integrated with other data sources to paint a full picture if possible

Once we collect the right data and analyze it, we can use this intelligence to:

  • Understand your user journey
  • Attach the true ROI to your marketing activities
  • Help you spend your marketing budget in the right areas
  • Optimize your campaigns to perform better

Are you ready to upgrade to Google Analytics 360? Please give us a call to discuss your options.