Analytics and Data Science

With our acute understanding of data and a scientific approach to all things digital, we understand what works online. Our team is proficient in the disciplines of maths and science, and brings that level of expertise to every project to ensure the best result.

Our scientific and data-led ethics underpins everything we do, equipping us with all the analytical know-how we need to find the right information for each different task, and determine how best to use it.


The digital landscape is always growing and changing, so it’s crucial that you have as much relevant data to hand as possible. An in-depth understanding of how users behave on your site will enhance every part of your interaction with them, from initial engagement through to post-sale care.

Businesses must make full use of the available data, ensuring that:

  • You collect the right data for your business – cherry-pick what information will be most helpful, and seek that out in order to maintain focus
  • The data is clean and reliable – the successful implementation of an analytics platform can be the difference between mining data that is trustworthy, and that which is dubious or misleading
  • Your data is segmented properly to show what you need to make decisions – having a wealth of relevant data is only useful if it is filtered effectively, allowing you to pick out the right information for each task
  • You integrate it with other data sources to give you as much insight as possible – data exists in many different places, so consolidating everything and combining your sources will give you a broader picture of how activity affects outcomes

You provide the data, and we will make sense of it. It’s that simple.

Data Science

So, how does this help you to make decisions about your business and digital marketing?

Well, on top of collecting and analyzing all the relevant data, we can utilize it to:

  • Better understand the customer journey
  • Value the true return on investment of marketing activities
  • Spend marketing budgets in the right areas
  • Optimize campaigns to enhance performance

Our scientific, methodical approach can transform the reams of numbers and statistics at your fingertips into useful, actionable resources for change.






Let us do the hard work for you and we’ll give you a concise yet detailed report of recommendations. Contact us on (646) 473-1826 for more information.