Video: Using automation to optimize PPC campaigns in retail

There are an increasing range of tools and tactics for managing PPC accounts. Retail SEM teams, who typically have large and fast-changing product inventories, often struggle to monitor, optimize and grow their PPC campaigns: falling behind the competition can lead to missed opportunities, poorly performing campaigns and wasted budgets.

In our latest webinar, our Head of Paid Media, Pete Whitmarsh, shares examples of how automation can deliver the efficiencies and insights that retail SEM teams need to run winning PPC campaigns.

Pete also takes the opportunity to look forward into the future of PPC, and discusses which platforms and tools he feels are likely to offer the winning opportunities for retail marketers.

We are the Best Large PPC Agency (US Search Awards) and work with some of the biggest retail brands to deliver digital marketing campaigns in multiple languages all over the world.

You can now watch the full webinar below. 


This 30-minute webinar will show you how to manage your PPC accounts more effectively and efficiently, focusing on:

 How automation is essential for the efficiency of retail PPC campaigns, the circumstances it should be used and how it can drive performance

 How to effectively scale campaigns nationally and internationally through technology 

 How to utilize and optimize the latest paid channels, including Amazon, to achieve your business goals

 What the retail PPC campaign of the future will look like.

For more information on how to reap the benefits of PPC automation, please contact us today and we'll be happy to help.