This week in digital

Theresa May’s Party Conference Woes

The Conservative Party conference has been happening this week, and of course, all eyes were on Theresa May’s keynote speech. Unfortunately for Mrs May, her speech was interrupted by a prankster, Simon Brodkin, waving a piece of paper with “P45” typed on it. The video has been doing the rounds on social media, and will most likely be the most memorable part of the whole Conservative Party Conference.

Is the Google Clips Camera Creepy?

Google Clips, the latest product from the search engine giant, has caused some controversy this week. It’s a digital camera that doesn’t have a display, has an optional shutter button, and uses machine learning to remember familiar faces. This means that it will take photos (or “clips”) automatically when it deems something interesting happens. The controversy has stemmed from the machine learning aspect, as people are worried about privacy in the home. However, the camera only stores images locally, and nothing is synced with Google’s cloud unless the user decides to save the photos there. It remains to be seen how well the product will go down with the public, as there’s no release date yet but when it comes out it will retail for $249.

Snapchat showcases artists work through AR

Snapchat is launching a new platform where artists’ work can be “pinned” to specific locations, which users can see when they hold up their phones in the correct place. They are starting off with pop artist Jeff Koons’ work in nine locations around the US, and they are encouraging other artists to sign up to the platform. The news comes after Facebook announced similar plans in April, however, their example was a graffiti mural by Heather Day and was smaller than the art pieces Snapchat has been promoting. So it seems that Snapchat might be winning the latest battle between the social media rivals.


Instaface stories

Shortly after Instagram launched it's "Stories" feature, Facebook also launched a similar feature. Whilst the popularity of Instagram Stories has grown and grown, Facebook has not had the same success. However, this could all change, as Facebook has confirmed that soon you will be able to cross-post your Instagram story to Facebook. This is likely to bring lots of new content to Facebook and will encourage users to cross-post. The feature is currently rolling out in the US, and most likely won't be too long before it's available in the UK and Europe. 

And finally...

A little girl has gone viral this week due to her emotional reaction to the news that she's going to be getting a baby brother... watch now for her priceless reaction!