This week in digital

Dear David...

Adam Ellis has gone viral this week after documenting a series of strange events in his Manhattan apartment. The story started on Monday 7th August when Adam first told Twitter users of a scary child who kept appearing in his dreams.

In another dream, a girl appeared who named the child David and said that Adam could ask him two questions if he addressed the child as Dear David, but not to ask a third or he will die.

Long story short, the child has supposedly been terrorizing the apartment ever since, with Adam's cats displaying weird behaviors and furniture moving.

Click below to watch a freaky video from one of David's visits. 

LinkedIn's new Audience Network

A new tool was announced earlier this week by LinkedIn. LinkedIn Advertiser Network allows advertisers to reach LinkedIn users on other apps and websites. 

The new tool underwent a successful beta test before launch. Those who took part in the test phase saw an average of 3-13% increase in unique impressions and up to an 80% increase in unique clicks. 

Tinder gets Blunt!

Dating app Tinder has teamed up with none other than James Blunt as part of its latest campaign. The brand has released a video of the music star giving a critique of various users' profiles. Watch the full video below. 

The new campaign comes at a good time for Tinder, with the app being announced as the top grossing iOS app earlier this week. 

And finally...

Social media has been going crazy this week over a rogue bat that flew into the Fleming family's home. Tadhg Fleming, from Tralee in Co Kerry, captured the chaotic scene on video. It has now been viewed over a million times on Facebook. Just to warn you, this video does contain a little bit of strong language!